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Wedding Planner Franciscan Garden SJC, Cortney Helaine Events helped plan an event that not even rain could stop. Chris and Michele came together as one at the gorgeous Franciscan Gardens venue in San Juan Capistrano. Although this wedding was originally supposed to be outdoors, rain made for a wonderful surprise, see the beautiful photos in the rain and the final product absolutely breathtaking.

Wedding Planner Franciscan Garden SJC, Cortney Helaine Events highly recommend rain on your wedding day! Just ask any photographer what kind of magic they can do with a few raindrops and you will agree! Some of our favorite wedding photos in the past are when things didn’t go quite to plan. Rain, for example, makes magical moments and with a chill in the air, people like to dance and have fun all night!

The couple took mesmerizing photos at the mission located near the venue. With the Mission San Juan Capistrano located just moments outside the front door of the building, it’s a common spot for couples to choose for their first look or bridal portraits, some have event brought the entire wedding party for formal portraits. Make sure to check with your planner about photography permits before heading to this historic spot as preplanning does go into this portion of the evening! 

The couple was surrounded by friends and family and consumed great food and danced all night long. Instead of a traditional tiered wedding cake, the couple decided to have donuts, which were provided by Donut Junkie. The company set up a station to allow guests to choose their own toppings, chocolate syrup, powdered sugar, plain, sprinkles, you name it, you could make it your own! 

The night was filled with great memories and promises for a prosperous future. Congrats Michelle and Chris!

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