Redondo Beach Library Wedding Planner

Redondo Beach Library Wedding Planner

Redondo Beach Library 

As a Redondo Beach Library Wedding Planner for Ilyana and Rashaan, the choose to celebrate their love at the historic site on September 20th. The ceremony was placed on a grassy hill that overlooked gorgeous Redondo Beach just behind them. Ilyana was given a military sendoff as she walked down the aisle to her groom, Rashaan. Her escort encluded four different men, Ilyana comes from a large military background and wanted to be given away by all the important men in her life, ending with her father. The couple celebrated the combining of each of their cultures at both the ceremony by “jumping the broom” and during the reception by incorporating Latin music throughout the night, a favorite as a Redondo Beach Library Wedding Planner. 

Jumping the broom is a traditional African American wedding custom that involves the bride and groom jumping over a broom as a symbol of their commitment to each other and the start of their new life together. The custom is believed to have originated in West Africa, where it was a common practice for couples to jump over a broom as a way of symbolizing the union of two families.

The custom of jumping the broom became particularly popular during the time of slavery in the United States, when African Americans were not allowed to legally marry. Many slaves were forced to marry without the benefit of legal recognition, and the broom jump ceremony served as a way for them to celebrate and recognize their unions.

Today, jumping the broom is still practiced by many African American couples as a way to honor their heritage and pay tribute to the history of their ancestors. The custom is often incorporated into modern wedding ceremonies, and it is seen as a meaningful and symbolic way for couples to start their new lives together.

The couple celebrated their special night with a large group of over two-hundred guests and their closest friends and family members. Some of the exciting things that the couple included in their night was a fog machine during their first dance to look like they were really dancing on cloud nine, outfit changes, the money dance, and gourmet popcorn as a late-night snack. Yumm!!! Congratulations, Ilyana and Rashaan!

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