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Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog created with the help of Orange County Indian Wedding Planner. In this blog post, we will be covering a variety of vibrant and culture-rich Hindu Wedding Ceremony Traditions.

Hindu weddings often include colorful festivities full of celebrations and traditions. When a Hindu ceremony occurs, it represents the physical, spiritual, and emotional union of two people and those two individual’s families.

Before the main ceremony, there is the mehndi ceremonyThis ceremony is traditionally only attended by the bride and her close female friends and family members. During this festivity, the bride has henna paste applied in intricate designs onto her hands and feet. These designs are usually portrayed in all kinds of designs, each representing blessings, joy, love, and luck. Another tradition for the bride is to wear a red sari or dress, designed to be wrapped around her on her wedding day. The sari is embellished in beautiful gold embroideries and patterns, overall symbolizing fertility and commitment within her marriage. As for the groom, on the actual wedding day, the groom’s arrival is a celebration in itself. This event is called the vara yatra or baraat, and is meant to act as a “mini parade” where family and friends join the groom in music and dance as the groom makes his way to the altar or mandap.

Once the bride and groom meet at the altar, the official marriage ceremony begins. The ceremony begins with a prayer to Ganesha, the god of beginnings and good fortune. The couple then exchange floral garlands, otherwise known as jai mala. This symbolizes the welcoming of each partner into each of their families. Next, often the newlyweds will perform a ritual known as the saptapadi, where the couple will have their garments tied together and walk seven steps together to signify their friendship. Finally, the couple shower each other in rice, symbolizing fertility and happiness for the couple’s future together and red powder, or sindoor, is applied to the bride’s hairline, symbolizing her new status as a married woman and thus completing the ceremony.

All of these traditions incorporate many timeless customs and rituals, making a Hindu wedding one of the most sacred of rites. With the help of Orange County Indian Wedding Planner, we have compiled a beautiful collection of pictures that encompass these traditions down below, enjoy.

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