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As a LA Persian wedding planner, our team assist with planning the wedding ceremony’s sofreh set up and design. A “sofreh aghd” ceremony is a traditional aspect of Iranian weddings, where the couple sits in front of a beautiful spread, also called sofreh aghd, which is adorned with symbolic items that represent different aspects of life and marriage.

As your LA Persian wedding planner, we plan for the sofreh aghd spread typically includes a beautiful fabric or rug, on top of which different items are placed. Some of the typical items you might find on a sofreh spread include:

  • A mirror: representing the brightness and openness of the future
  • Candles: symbolizing energy and clarity
  • Herbs and spices: representing health and the spice of life
  • Coins: symbolizing wealth and prosperity
  • A copy of the Quran: representing spirituality and religious values
  • A tray of sweets: symbolizing sweetness and the hope for a sweet life together
  • A bowl of goldfish: representing life and fertility
  • A decorated egg: symbolizing fertility and new beginnings
  • Fruits and nuts: symbolizing abundance and fertility

During the ceremony, the bride and groom sit together on one side of the spread, facing the guests. Then sugar is often held over the couple’s head by female relatives or friends, while a mullah or elder recites prayers and the couple exchanges vows and rings. On occasion, the groom proposes to the bride during this ceremony, and they sign the official marriage certificate. Here is one our our favorite sites on a more details description and meaning of each of the various elements of the set up.

As a LA Persian Wedding planner, we know the sofreh aghd ceremony is a beautiful and meaningful tradition that celebrates the beginning of a couple’s life together, and it is an important part of Iranian wedding culture.

Click here to learn more about how our team can create your custom sofreh design.

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