Church Wedding Orange County

Church Wedding Orange County

Church Wedding

We met Justin at the various weddings he films, and so when he asked us to help him with his proposal to Alyssa, we couldn’t help but say yes! In a gazebo surrounded by friends and family, Justin got down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life. They new they wanted a church wedding Orange County to be a priority.

After meeting at church, Justin and Alyssa knew they were destined to be together forever, so on August 25, 2017 Justin’s eyes filled with tears as his beautiful bride glided down the aisle towards their forever. Their friends and families crowded into a small chapel and their pastor sealed the marriage in their short and sweet ceremony.

A quick shoe change from her nude heels to silver keds marked the beginning of the reception for Alyssa and Justin. After a delicious buffet from Top Hat Productions, the happy couple and their guests danced the night away, sipping sparkling cider.

The guests went home with beautiful engraved mason jars, and sent off Alyssa and Justin to their honeymoon in a tunnel of bubbles.

There are several benefits to having a wedding at a church:

  1. Meaningful symbolism: For many couples, getting married in a church is a meaningful and symbolic way to start their new life together. The church is often seen as a sacred and spiritual place, and getting married there can add a sense of spirituality and significance to the wedding ceremony.
  2. Beautiful venues: Many churches are architecturally beautiful and can serve as a stunning backdrop for a wedding ceremony.
  3. Convenience: Many churches have event spaces or chapels that can be rented for weddings, which can make the planning process easier and more convenient.
  4. Personalization: Many churches allow couples to personalize their wedding ceremonies with their own vows, readings, and music choices, which can make the ceremony more meaningful and special.
  5. Support: Many churches offer premarital counseling and other support services to help couples prepare for their marriage.
  6. Affordability: Depending on the church, getting married there may be more affordable than other venues. Some churches may also offer discounts for members or for holding the reception in their event space.
  7. Tradition: For many couples, getting married in a church is a tradition that has been passed down through their families, and it holds a special meaning for them.


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