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Nickie and Dirk hired Cortney Helaine Events as their Chinese Event Designer for their special unity at Girraci Vineyards and Farms. This wedding was a beautiful combination of the couple’s cultures becoming one. Nickie’s Chinese heritage showcasing in a surprise performance by our Chinese Event Designer favorite, lion dancers to escort guests to the cocktail hour and Dirk’s European heritage showcasing itself in their choices of dinner. The couple decided to host a tapas-style buffet for guests to dine on throughout the night with an easy-going dining style allowing guests to eat when they were hungry and dance when they were ready to party!

 The couple incorporated numerous personalized touches that made their night special to them. Some of the unique touches that the couple included was different types of foods offered in a buffet style from 24 Carrots along with Chunk and Chip homemade ice cream “sammiches” for dessert. Family, Friends, and even the groom was shocked after the wedding ceremony completed and Lion Dancers from Gio Nam Mua Lan put on a surprise phenomenal performance for the guests.

The night was a truly special union of Nickie and Dirk. They had their first dance under the twinkle lights wrapped around the 100-year-old oak trees with wrought iron lantern showcased candlelight and floral chandeliers overhead as guests danced and dined below. Nickie’s inspiration for the wedding day design was to show light and neutral colors in the florals and allow guests to enjoy the venue’s natural beauty. It was a perfect night to start off the next chapter of their adventure together!

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