A Country Club Affair

Kendall and Jeff were one of the sweetest couples I have worked with. Kendall and I became instant friends bonding over pinterest and all the possibilities of her dream day. Jeff and Kendall decided to get married in the same church as her parents did, 30 years ago. After a touching ceremony filled with smiles and laughter, their guests made their way to Marbella Country Club to celebrate and dance the night away. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Schiess!!


Here are a few notes from Kendall:

Jeff and I met when I was visiting my best friend in San Francisco. I was so eager to meet her new boyfriend (now husband) at the time and when he invited us over to his friend Jeff’s house, I could not have been more excited. In I walked, and there was Jeff. It did not take much, we fell in love and the rest is history. My best friend, her husband, Jeff and I talk about this day all the time, and we are still like family.

Jeff proposed in my our favorite place, Monterey. Monterey is special to us because this is where he first said “I love you” and where we celebrated our one year anniversary.  He proposed at Spanish Bay Golf Course, on the dunes that overlook the ocean. There was no one around and the sun was just starting to come out. It was perfect, but the day became even more perfect when we got to our hotel room and our families were there yelling, “SURPRISE!”. I sobbed like a baby.

The inspiration for our wedding was rustic, yet romantic. I love anything white, roses are my favorite. The white roses went beautifully with the light pink florals that matched the bridesmaids dresses. The rustic piece came from the wooden boxes that held the flowers and market lighting, which reminded me of a barn look while still being outdoors.

The church we were married in was the same church my parents were married in 29 years ago this coming October. It meant the world to me to get married in this quaint, yet modern church that my parents promised forever to each other in. We also made sure that my dad and I were able to take a photo right before we walked down the aisle in the same spot that my mom and grandpa stood and captured a 29 years ago.

The best advice I could give any bride would be to take in every moment as best as you can. It goes by in the blink of an eye, but the memory of even the smallest details will last forever. It will be the best day of your life, so slow down and soak it in!


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